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Google Takes Over the World

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A) Overview

Google is among five most popular search engines in the world. It allows you to find other sites and has specialized searches. Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who where merely college students with a dream. In September of 1998. Most of Google's profit comes from internet advertising revenue.

The most used and popular Google feature is its search engine, however that is by far not the only feature that Google offers. For it also offers free email service " Gmail", and its new phones called the android. [1]

You can see how popular your search is with the rest of the world with Google trends. However, it is only available in Chinese and English . There is also Hot Searches, which lets you see a snapshot of whats on the public's mind. Hot topics shows a snapshot on what people are saying. [2]

Another feature from Google is their toolbar. You can add Google gadgets to your toolbar and access your toolbar and bookmarks from any computer. The toolbar also has the feature of translating pages to and from English. You can also block annoying pop-ups, and it makes using G-mail easier. [3]


Google got its’ name from the word gogel, which is a math term for one followed by one-hundred zeros. The reason for this was because there is a ton of information that can be found in Google

Google recently announced that is has over one hundred and fifty domains. and it has a personalized search result, which gives you the results you want. You can only access the personalized search if you have a Google account, however.

Thousands of businesses pay to have their ads on Google search results. They bid for key word searches, time of day, and location.

Another useful feature Google has is Google Analytics. Google Analytics has 27 features. One should start by Setting Goals on Analytics. One can see and chart how the site is doing between two different periods of time with Comparing Data Ranges. See in what locations the site is more popular with Deep Geographic Data. Funnel Visualization lets one see where people decide to stop proceeding forward on the site. One can see how people get from page to page in the site with Navigation Summary.
Complete AdWords Integration will let one see how ads are doing and the interactions they are getting. One can Customize Your Dashboard to have quick access to anything one would like to see on how the campaign is doing. The Site Overlay makes it easier on one if they are a visual learner. Email Reports are helpful if one doesn’t have time to look to see how the business is doing. One will get an email to notify and let them know how things are going. One can set up read-only settings, or they can share the ability to work on documents with Have Minions Do Your Work. Let’s Bounce shows how many people visit the page and leave without any interactions. One can see what keywords and searches people are using with Keyword Source. One can see what sites are leading others to yours with Referring Sites. Browser Capabilities will show what web browsers can view the site the best, and which browsers have complications. Connection Speeds Data focuses on the best type of connection for the site (dial-up, broadband, etc.). Languages shows what language most of the visitors use when they are looking at the site. One can make sure that when you visit your site that it doesn’t show up in the results for visitors in Exclude Internal Traffic. Visitor Loyalty shows which users continually visit the site. The Visitor Type Contribution shows how much regular site visitors spend compared to new visitors. To see what search engines the site comes up under the most, use Search Engine Traffic. The About This Report Link will explain what it is that is being viewed. Top Exit Pages will inform on where the site needs improvement. [4]

Google has a feature called Google Wave. Google Wave is an application that lets people talk and work on projects together in real time. Click start a new wave and add people to begin a new wave. Whoever is a part of the wave can be part of the conversation, and the person can reply to the message as a whole or got back and reply to individual responses. The person can edit and hold conversations on the Wave at the same time. The Wave also shows when a certain person is typing something. People can view the history of the Wave with playback. [5]

Android became a part of Google in July 2005. Co founders were Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White.[6]

Google has a social network called Google Buzz. Google Buzz would resemble that of a Facebook type of social network. When one gets on Google Buzz on the computer, they can email and chat with people online. People can update status’s, make comments on them, and “like” them. Google pulls information off of Gmail accounts to make things easier for beginners. People can also use Google Buzz on their phone or mobile devices, but they can’t chat. [7]

Google Earth is a program of mapping by Google. It allows people to find places in the world, see terrain, and view things in the sky, even the galaxies. For example, Google Earth has been working on satellite images of Haiti to show the recent devastation caused by the horrible earthquake on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. Google is teaming up with Indigenous Mapping Network to have a two day workshop for Indigenous people all over the world. The workshop will be held on the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth of February.[8] [9]

Google SketchUp is another service Google provides. Google SketchUp offers 6 different products. These products are SketchUp 7, SketchUp Pro 7, LayOut, Style Builder, 3D Warehouse, and Google Earth. Anything can be turned into a 3D model and shared with the world with Sketch Up 7. With Sketch Up 7, the user can get started right away, usually within minutes. Anything that is turned into a 3d model can then be submitted as a Youtube video for the entire world to see. In SketchUp Pro, someone can make things with their own style by drawing them. It is also easier to import and export files with so many more possible formats in SketchUp Pro than with SketchUp 7. In LayOut, a presentation can be made to help explain the model that was created. 3D Warehouse is a collection of everything made that is 3D. People all over the world that use Google SketchUp can contribute their 3D works to the 3D Warehouse. Someone can sell their 3D works on 3D Warehouse, or even advertise their modeling abilities. 3D Warehouse also allows the creator of a model to determine who can see it or work on the project, and gives the creator complete control of their works.[10]

Avide Casaleggio sent a tip to Read/WriteWeb about a video his company produced exploring the future of media. It is a very cool 6-minute video, which takes some educated (and imaginative) guesses at how the Web and media will evolve over the next 40-50 years. In the short movie, Google, Amazon.com and Second Life are the big winners - with Google buying Microsoft, Amazon buying Yahoo, and Second Life becoming the dominant virtual world.
The core future media concept is the Agav - an Agent-Avatar, which "finds information, people, places in the virtual worlds". Here's where it gets interesting. In 2022 Google launches Prometeus, the Agav standard interface, and Amazon creates 'Place' - a company that replicates reality. Then in 2027 Second Life evolves into 'Spirit', where people can become who they want to, via avatars. And then finally, the 'Google overloads' moment - when Prometeus buys Place and Spirit! By 2050 virtual life is the world's biggest market and Google/Prometeus reigns supreme.
Of course it may turn out different, but the video does make you think about where the Web is headed. Check it out...
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Blackle , a search engine that saves energy when you use it, was created because google was so popular. A blog from sometime in January 2007 someone posted Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year.

B) Current News

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Google will stop censoring search results to Chinese users after cyber-attacks. [11]
Google announced these attacks on January, but this was only the tip of the iceburg. More than 30 enterprises are believed to have been impacted by what is know to be "Operation Aurora".

GOAL: The goal for this attack is that they wanted to hack into the Human Rights Activists accounts which also explains the attempts to hack into Yahoo.

TARGETS: Google, Yahoo, Adobe Systems, Juniper NetworksandRackspace Hosting.

WHATS NEXT: The conclusion is that the chinese government was behind the attacks, the US government will formally ask for an explanation over all this scandal. Hiliary Clinton has already asked informally for an explanation.

Three weeks after Google declared it would quit censoring Chinese search results, the site has yet to go through on its claims. China is trying to keep the situation between their government and Google from damaging business between the United States and China. Chinese spokesman Yao Jian said "U.S.-China trade and economic ties will not be affected by any Google Inc. decision to withdraw from China" Jian also went on to state that "We emphasize that foreign companies including Google should all follow international standards and respect local law and regulations and local culture and customs to shoulder social responsibility."

The Google Apps Marketplace launched Tuesday with more than 50 companies contributing applications available for download. The ease of use in Google's system makes it a very attractive platform for developers. According to Chris Vander Mey "Once installed to a company's domain, these third-party applications work like native Google applications. With administrator approval, they may interact with calendar, email, document and/or contact data to increase productivity." This ensures a steady work flow for users of both Google's official applications and Google's third party applications, since they work cooperatively with each other.

Experian Hitwise, a web analysis comapny, released it's U.S. search market data for February. Which indicates that the upstart search engine "Bing", has been slowly gaining on google and Yahoo. This is a worrying fact for Google given that both search engines have been slowly trending downwards in the past few months. Predictions state that Bing will continue to trend upwards due to a persistant marketing campaign by Microsoft. Microsoft and Yahoo have partnered in search results in an attempt to take down the giant that is Google.

Google finally started negotiations with the Chinese government. Google's chief executive, Eric Schmidt, said of the talks that "something will happen soon." These are the first talks between Google and China since the popular search engine declared in January that it had been the victim of cyber attacks originating from China. Google also promised in January that search results would be uncensored. But even since then, results have remained censored. Google representatives have predicted that it will take "a few weeks to reach an agreement with the Chinese government.

C) Education

Analyze this topic's impact on education. Consider including three subcategories: 1) Elementary School, 2) Middle/ High School, and 3) College Education. Include a brief up to 300 word summary/ abstract on this page. Include one or more relevant images.

Google has evolved as a new medium for research in education. Google allows students easy access to a vast array of information from many different sources. It allows students to conduct research faster than ever and gives them information at the tip of their fingertips. However all this comes with a downside. This new technology has however overloaded students with vast amounts of information and this results in many students not getting accurate information. In ways Google has been a double edged sword for education.Google and education

Google is not only a tool for students but also educators. It provides a great tool that allows educators to provide assignments which students can access at home. Further more it allows educators easy access to continuing education and keep them updated on the latest events. Other tools such as Google Docs provide even better access for educators to best help their students.

Google has revolutionized education, to a new dimension, it enables students in school to ask someone else than the teacher. Giving students the alternative of “Google” lets them explore the world wide web on their own and giving them the chance to learn things they wouldn’t have otherwise.

The way that people are communicating these days is enhancing rapidly, because of the internet. Open source is one way the internet could help people work together. The reason that all of this is useful is because any one and every one with a computer that accesses internet could use thus a great way to work together from long distances as if you were sitting in the same room with the person you're working with. I think that this is one of the most useful things you could use on earth today and everybody who wants to work together from long distance work spaces will use. Google contributes all kinda of web 2.0 and open source tools that help people make the world more flat.

Whether it's work or it's just fun it is a good way to communicate, play together, and help others in a project or on an online game website that some of us play. A lot of people in the world today are all starting to use this useful way to work together.

One way Google has improved is by their invention of iGoogle, because iGoogle is the new modern use for Google today. Every body who uses Google a lot, like kid who go to school and use the internet every day should have an iGoogle page because it's a nice place that could help those students and make every thing organized and make them a lot more easy to access. iGoogle has a lot of other accessories that you can use to make it a lot more helpful. Some examples of this is there is a link that you go to to check your G-mail if you have one, there is a YouTube link if you would like it, and you could choose things that you might want on your page like for sports, T.V., News, ect. One other big thing that people use iGoogle for is the ability to chat, or video chat with other people anywhere in the world and it really easy too.

Another educational feature google has is through the software google earth to give you a better idea of the Ancient Romans, watch this video to see what im talking about

D) Government, Politics and Employment

Analyze these two areas of impact which are Government and Politics as well as Employment in the workplace. Include a brief summary/ abstract of up to 200 words on this page. Include one or more relevant images.


Google has now begun promoting interactive activities with President Barak Obama.
Google has been very helpful in politics in the past couple years. Google has a blog called, "Google Public Policy," in which a special team from Google expresses their views on government, policy, and politics. No other blog by Google has every been about anything other than their technology, so this blog is quite important. Google [12] also donated $288,000 dollars to the 2008 election candidates and sponsored certain debates. Their participation didn't just stop at donating and sponsoring, Google also had candidates buy ads and post videos on Youtube for positive publicity.

In October of 2008 Cnet.com reported that the CEO of Google (Eric Schmidt) had officially thrown his support Barak Obama. The author of this article (Matt Asay) says he has a problem with this, just like he has a problem with the CEO of Ebay throwing her weight behind John Mcain. The author goes on to state that neutrality should be key in a corporation like google and how google should have had both parties candidates talk at the campus. The author goes on to say that the idea of the company being behind any candidate is unfair to the employees of the company who now back the candidate just by working there. [13]

Here is some new information that i found while looking for fact and stats on google.

Eric Smidt, the ceo has been using Googles brand name in politics. Google has invited both American political parties to speak at the google main campus, allowing both candidates to use googles technology.

I would just like to leave this project with one last note.
During my time doing this project I have come across a lot of information that I would never have found if I hadn’t done this. I had the privilege of emailing my MLA and town mayor, I asked them a couple of questions about how Google has affected government, politics and employment. My MLA told me that “Google has had a more impact on the way we can receive the information that we receive, it’s still up to us to filter through the information we have at our finger tips, and also how to detect the bias in the information we obtain.” Google has also given every single individual on earth (at least the ones with internet access) the chance to upload information that natter to them.
My two sources in the government of Canada both told me that Google hasn’t yet had too big of impact on politics, but in a way during election running candidates have access to Google`s advertisement. They could advertise their entire campaign on Google`s 610 million per day visitors. This way they can get their message across in seconds to millions. This stomps on the ideas of door to door.
Employment rates must have gone down with the launch of Google`s browsers. Google allows you to search for jobs that the yellow pages can`t compete with. This will change the way that employers also advertise their businesses because they can access more and more potential resumes. Google`s income is like 99% advertisement.

Corporate information:

Registering entity information:

name | Googlenlocation | San Jose,California,United Statesn(registering entity may not be the website's user or operator)
name | Googlenlocation | San Jose,California,United Statesn(registering entity may not be the website's user or operator)

Web statistics for all of google.com:

daily page views | ~~ 7.3 billion ndaily visitors | ~~ 610 million nsite rank | 1stndomain online | September 15, 1997  (13 years ago)n(based on Alexa estimates, as of  March 22, 2010)
daily page views | ~~ 7.3 billion ndaily visitors | ~~ 610 million nsite rank | 1stndomain online | September 15, 1997 (13 years ago)n(based on Alexa estimates, as of March 22, 2010)

Webpage information for www.google.com:

page title | Googlenpage size | 5.005 kB  (excluding images, stylesheets, etc.)nlinks from page | 16  (in HTML)nimages on page | 1nforms on page | 1  (5 input fields)
page title | Googlenpage size | 5.005 kB (excluding images, stylesheets, etc.)nlinks from page | 16 (in HTML)nimages on page | 1nforms on page | 1 (5 input fields)


Google processes about 24 petabytes of data per day. Thats 100 000 000 bytes a day.

E) Arts, Entertainment and Leisure


Google has a new service called Google Buzz. Google Buzz is a way for people that have Gmail service to share updates, photos, videos and such. Google Buzz is a new network that is competing with Facebook and Twitter. This site already has about 176 millions users. Recently, Facebook has over 400 million users. Buzz has a circle of friends, a group that is selected by Google based on the people that a user talks to most frequently in Gmail and chat. Buzz also has an application for mobile phones where users recieve updates from the site. AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo have also allowed their members to use e-mail services to get updates from social networks.

The top ten Google applications are Gmail beta, Google calender, Google talk, Writely beta, Google spreadsheets, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google SketchUp, Web Albums, and Google Desktop. Gmail Beta is e-mail, Google calender is a calender, writley beta is where you can edit text files, Google spreadsheets is like excel, Google maps has phone book, maps, and driving directions. Google Earth has things like driving directions and business listings. In Google SketchUp you can sketch whatever you want and Web Albums you can upload pictures. Google Desktop has news, games, and tools on your desktop. google

Google has different art applications. They have a new application called SketchUp. It allows you to create, modify, and edit 3D models. Most people can get started with using SketchUp within a few minutes. There are multiple video tutorials which you can watch to help get you started. Since Google is a Global site, anyone who would want to use SketchUp can use it. You can use it for anything you want to. You can use it to redecorate your house, your moms house, even put in recreational ideas for your town. [14]

On October 28, 2009 there was news about Google launching a new music search. This news was found to be true. Music search is two out of ten searches used in the U.S. If you type in the artists, lyrics, or the title of the song you are looking for you will then be able to play/sample music in the search results. If you can't remember the name of the song you can just type in the lyrics or chorus and it will find it. This will allow you to discover millions of songs. Google is partnering up with myspace and Lala. You can also find songs that relate to the song you've searched, used by Pandora, Imeem and Rhapsody. This will help Google expand even more.

F) Science, Environment, and Health

Google recently launched Earth Outreach as part of an effort to provide non-profit and public benefit organizations the knowledge and resources they need to reach hearts and minds in the ongoing struggle to raise awareness about global warming and climate change. Their environment and science showcase provides links to some of the more helpful and informative tools in the collection. You have to have Google Earth installed in order to view the files.
The new Google Earth application can show you how global warming will affect the Earth and you over the next century. To watch it in action you must have the latest version of Google Earth installed.
Through this new Google Earth presentation you can watch the process of global warming exactly the way scientists see it. Once you download the global warming KML file (that can be viewed in Google Earth) you can visit various years and by individual regions and countries you’ll be able to see the impact of global warming. You can click on the regions and watch the impact of global warming on local populations.
The most drastic effect, the file shows, will be at the poles. In the next 50 years there will be no snow at the poles.
The animation begins at the year 1999 and as you move the cursor rightwards the years progress, gradually changing the colors of various regions, varying from blue to yellow to dark red. The dark red color shows the density of the heat, and after a century, the great amount of heat will be accumulate over the Polar Regions and that will cause utter devastation.

watch this video it is very useful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_V-7g0LAZI&feature=player_embedded
this video shows how google shows the effects of global warming and how it came up with its predictions

Google Health Data Apiallows users to view health data and send them elsewhere in the form of Google Data feeds. One can even add medical information to a user's profile by posting notices. These notices could, for example, remind the user to pick up a perscription, could reveal lab results, or other important information.


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A) Overview Landon-GHS LaurenH-SPA , Emily-TLSB) Current News: KuterI-GHS Andrea L-WHS Jeremy -TLS
C) Education: TobiasH_ISD, SoroushR
D) Government Politics and Employment: HeatherC_MCA TaylorT-GHS
E) Arts, Entertainment and Leisure: EdF BrandiB -GHS, MahirBs- SIS
F) Science, Environment and Health:Keith -TLS, JohnL-SPA
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